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"Mr. Tim Lang, my HVAC Service Technician, is characterized as a very patient, neatly dressed, very polite, and knowledgable young man. He patiently explained to me in every detail the problem with my air conditioner. (It is up and running) PHEW!!! "

-H. Lawrence

Atlanta, GA

"Brian and Ben were a great help this evening. A shotty install of a tankless water heater had left us with a gas leak and no hot water . the installers could not find the leak, so I called RS Andrews. From Brian's first call to see what was happening, until the very end, everything about their time "

-B. Johnson

East Point, GA

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Are You Ready for Today’s Extreme Heat?

August 31st, 2012 by Smiley

Atlanta Temperatures Hitting the 90s this WeekendToday’s weather forecast has temperatures soaring into the 90′s in Atlanta, and if your air conditioner hasn’t been serviced by RS Andrews recently, it may not be able to maintain cooling if the temperature gets higher than 95 degrees. Air conditioners are designed to maintain a 20-degree difference in temperature between inside and out, but temperatures into the 90′s and higher can exceed the unit’s ability to cool the air effectively even if maintenance has been performed recently.

If your AC is struggling, there are some ways you can help it be more effective on a day like today:

  • Close the shades or drapes in your house, especially those that allow sunlight to enter
  • Leave lights and appliances in your house powered off whenever possible
  • Use electric fans to move air around your house

In the event of a breakdown of your air conditioning system, don’t forget that RS Andrews offers 24-hour emergency service year round – if you are facing the heat today without a working air conditioner, call us now!

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