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10 Things That Will Quickly Clog Your Drains

Turn on the faucet. Let the water run. The water disappears down the drain.

It’s a function that happens dozens of times a day in your home. And in most cases, you don’t think much about it.

But when the water stops going down, that’s when problems occur. It may start small, with just a little backup in your sink. Or it may be a sudden occurrence where the drain is blocked, and nothing is going down. Those moments can be the worst.

As professional plumbers, we’ve seen just about everything when it comes to what can fit down the drain. Some have been surprising. Others are relatively standard.

We’ve put together a list of the most common items we’ve pulled back out of the drain. Do any of them surprise you?

Grease – when it’s poured down the drain on a regular basis, it congeals and creates a gooey, sticky mess

Hair – need we say more?

Vegetable peels – they form a thick, starchy glob that can quickly get stuck in your pipes

Food scraps – especially rice and pasta dishes that tend to hold together and expand in the pipes on their way down

Baby wipes – they are advertised as “sewer system safe,” but we’ve found they aren’t as “safe” as they advertise

Personal hygiene products – plastic and cardboard can quickly mold and form together

Cotton – those cotton balls, cotton swabs, cotton pads, and even cigarette filters don’t dissolve in water

Bath salts – salt is supposed to dissolve in water, but with bath salts, it’s not always the case

Toilet paper – toilet paper keeps getting softer, more absorbent and more-ply, but that doesn’t equate to more flushable and dissolvable

Children’s toys – kids love to pile in the toys and play for a bit, but those tiny toys can get lost in the suds and find their way down the drain

It’s easy to avoid costly drain clogs – carefully monitor what goes down your drain. When in doubt, throw it away instead of sending it down.

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