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3 Reasons to Have Your Commercial Air Ducts Cleaned

Perhaps you’ve already hired a residential HVAC company to clean the ducts in your home, but have you thought about your commercial building? Just like your home, there are some important reasons to have your air ducts cleaned on a regular basis. The following are three reasons to consider.

1. Workplace Safety

With the amount of dust and pollutants that circulate every day, they inevitably end up in the air ducts. When this happens day after day, it can build up to the point it begins to re-circulate into your building. If you have any tenants or employees with certain allergies, this could be a health risk for those individuals. Poor air quality could also play a role in employees becoming sick and unable to work for a certain amount of time. Not only is this a threat to your workers, it’s a threat to the productivity of your company.

2. Fire Safety

Any time a significant amount of dust builds up near a heat source, you run the risk of it catching fire. As you can imagine, commercial air ducts are a straight shot from the furnace, making dirty ducts a serious fire hazard. Having them cleaned regularly can reduce that risk, which leads to more safety and more security.

3. Financial Safety

When dust accumulates to a certain degree, your furnace or HVAC system simply has to work harder to produce the air you expect it to produce. That circulation creates more dust, which creates more build up inside the ducts, which creates a case for the system to work harder still. The cycle repeats until your system eventually gives out and requires a replacement. To avoid these costly situations, you can have your ducts cleaned.

Contacting the Professionals

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