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3 Signs You Have Good Ductwork Design

3 Signs You Have Good Ductwork Design

Want a more efficient furnace or air conditioner? Sometimes it has little to do with the heating or cooling equipment installed in your home. Instead, it comes down to the way your ductwork was designed.

Your HVAC equipment may condition the air within your home, but if it can’t move effectively from room to room, through every level of your home, it’s your air ducts that may be at fault.

Properly Sized Ductwork

Ductwork not being sized correctly causes all sorts of issues. Limited airflow to certain parts of the home, to much airflow in other areas of the home, poor register velocities, loud airflow noises, inconsistent room temperatures, damage to HVAC components, and higher utility bills. Having a professional check over your duct system can lead to home enhancements with more comfortable air and lower bills.

Properly Sealed Ductwork

As your HVAC ages, a lot of wear and tear occurs with the parts and the materials. When small cracks and leaks begin forming along the duct run, your efficiency begins decreasing right along with it. Metal ducts are generally fabricated to fit together. It takes approved sealants and tape to create a smooth, tight finish that lasts through the years. If quality products aren’t used, this process begins to wane quicker than normal. And over the years, the connections begin to loosen with time. Either way, a leak costs you money. The tighter the connection, the better your design. Having your duct leaks sealed as soon as they are found will save you money.

Ductwork Location

The location of your ductwork is very important to efficiency. Older building construction sometimes used voids inside walls to allow air movement. Uninsulated ducts installed in unconditioned spaces are going to suffer substantial heat gain and loss. A sign of a good design is to keep all duct runs and returns within the conditioned areas of your home. And when that isn’t possible, ducts should be fully insulated.

Sounds easy. But do you know for sure all of these features are in place within your home? A certified technician can give you assurance. When ductwork is designed and installed properly, ducts provide you with the greatest level of comfort and efficiency. This can only be determined if they are tested. Ask us today how to properly test your system.

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