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3 Spots To Insulate Properly Inside Your Home

Insulation is an important part of your home. If your home is well insulated, it’s more energy efficient. The cold stays out in the winter, the heat stays away in the summer, and you’re more comfortable in your living space year round. 

But insulation isn’t something you focus on as a part of your home maintenance projects. In a lot of cases, you’re not even aware of what’s there. That doesn’t make it any less important. 3 Spots To Insulate Properly Inside Your Home

There are specific areas in your home that are worth checking out. A professional can help you evaluate the insulation in place and make suggestions for increasing your efficiency by adding or replacing. Top spots include:


This is the most important area for insulation, especially here in Atlanta because attics are notorious for building up heat in the summer months. When you bring in one of our contractors to check attic insulation, the first thing they’ll do is check for cracks, leaks, and condensation. They’ll ensure floor joists are properly sealed off and insulated well in unfinished attics, or that insulation lies between the studs and rafters of both exterior walls and the roof in finished attics. 


Basements are typically the coldest area of your home. It may also be damp and musty depending on how it was built. Your first step is ensuring moisture isn’t getting into your home. Divert water away so it can’t leak in, and protect the interior from any future moisture problems. Only then can you properly insulate the walls using a moisture barrier for increased protection. 

Windows and Doors

These are prominent places for heat loss. If you’ve ever walked or sat by a window or door and noticed air movement, sealing these areas will give you increased protection from the elements. 

Is more insulation better?

So you’re ready to add insulation to your home. You’ve found leaks and have picked spots to insulate to make your home more energy efficient. Is more insulation better? The answer is no. Like other things inside your home, insulation can only tighten up the envelope of your home to a certain degree. The law of diminishing returns eventually applies, and no matter how much insulation you add, the effects on your home will be minimal at best. 

Is thicker insulation better?

Insulation isn’t all about how much is in place, but how well it performs. You can keep adding more and more insulation to specific places in your home. But if air leaks are present or biological growth is in place, no matter how much insulation you add won’t solve your problem. The best spots to insulate are the spots ready for insulation. A professional can help you determine where those spots exist in your home – the spots that will give you a return on your investment, and help your house be a more comfortable home.

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