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4 Reasons To Get A Smart Light Bulb Today

4 Reasons To Get A Smart Light Bulb Today

Smart technology is changing the way we do everything. Including lighting our homes.

A smart light bulb is something you might pass up, thinking it’s just another fancy gadget to bring into your home. But once you see all the benefits it can bring into your life, it may leave you wanting them in every room in your home.

Smart bulbs are LED light bulbs that have a chip inside enabling them to connect to the Internet by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Once they are connected, they can be controlled remotely through a smartphone or a tablet. You’ll find smart bulbs available in the $15 to $60 range, and will require you to buy a hub or bridge to connect them to the online world.

While the capabilities of a smart light bulb are changing all the time as technology advances, even today there are some fun and functional things you can do with them that will impact the way you go about your day.

Create hands-free lighting

In many cases, homeowners first turn to smart bulbs because of the ability to turn on and off or dim and brighten light at pre-determined times. Smart bulbs can be utilized at specific times (turning on at 6pm before you arrive home from work), at specific times not clock specific (off at sunrise or on at sunset), or with occurrences in your home (when a door is opened). Many also work with geo-tracking technology, and will turn on automatically as you approach your home. All of this adds up to more convenience and more safety within your home.

Create Ambiance

With smart light bulbs, you are no longer limited to one shade of light. Instead, you can create any mood you desire. With smart bulb apps, you can choose from an array of pre-set color lighting scenes that offer specific environments to get you through your day. Select “reading” for brighter, more focused lighting while you read. Choose “relax” for a soft, soothing glow. A cool blue light has been shown to energize you in the morning as you rise, while an energizing yellow glow can help you relax in the evenings as you prepare for sleep. With a smart bulb, every color in the spectrum is available, meaning you can simulate any mood you desire. How about a bright orange glow for Halloween?

Make It Functional

While changing colors in your home can change the mood and atmosphere throughout your busy day, you can use color changes in more functional ways as well. With many of the smart bulbs, you can use apps to integrate other technology into play. Take a picture of your artwork, for instance, and you’ve now got a new color palette built into the app. Use that to perfectly light the artwork hanging on your wall. Want to have a weather forecast as you rise for the day? A blue light can signify rain, different shades of red can alert you to how warm the day will be. You can also integrate it with your online world, having colors change when you receive social notifications or emails from work. The more you play with the technology, the more you’ll discover how truly functional it can make your life without having to swipe your finger across your screen.


Smart light bulbs don’t stop with just changing colors and turning on and off. You can use them in many of your home automation techniques. Pair a smart bulb with other home smart devices, such as a smart thermostat, and you can connect the two to work together efficiently. How about having your lights shut off automatically when your thermostat system moves to “away” mode minutes after you leave for work?

And of course, all of this is just the beginning. Just think what lies ahead in our future.

Is your home ready for automation? Is your electrical system ready for the future? A quick audit and analysis of your current system can show you where your trouble spots are. Give us a call today.

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