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4 Signs It’s Time To Put Down The Wrench and Call A Plumber

As a homeowner, we have tool boxes waiting for us to do a few DIY tasks around the home. Bathroom faucet dripping? No problem. A simple turn of the wrench can fix that.

But sometimes no matter what tool you pick up or how much time you spend on a problem, it seems like it’s never fixed. The drip may stop for a moment, but it returns the next day.4 Signs It’s Time To Put Down The Wrench and Call A Plumber

When should you put down the wrench and call in a professional plumber?

When your faucets keep dripping

A drip can drive you nuts. It can also cost a lot of money.

A slow drip is a sign there is a bigger problem somewhere in the system. It may be a simple fix like a torn or corroded washer. Or it may be more troublesome, an indicator of a leak somewhere in your pipes. What looks simple to you is often a warning sign of further problems in the near future.

When your toilet won’t flush

We’ve all experienced a toilet that doesn’t operate the way it should. You flush, and nothing happens. Even today’s low-flow toilets still have the potential of releasing a lot of water into your room. It could be a variety of things that need fixing. The flapper may be bent, cracked, or warped. The chain may have become disconnected or broken. The tube may be loose and no longer allow the tank to fill properly.

If you’ve fixed what you can without success, it’s probably time to call in a plumber. There are plenty of small issues inside and out from your toilet that can be causing the problem. A trained eye knows right where to look.

When your drains won’t drain

One drain that won’t drain can be a problem. More than one drain that won’t drain can be a disaster. You can start with your natural drain cleaners. You can snake the drain to try and reach the clog. But if you have a drain that continues to act up, it may be a sign of a bigger problem.

  • Invasive roots in your yard that are attacking your sewer pipe or water main
  • Old pipes begin to crumble and break

When everything you try leaves your drains still not running free, it’s a sign it’s time to call in a professional.

When you have a leak

In some cases, you know right where the leak is. You’ve wrapped it in tape. You’ve applied a clamp. You have used joint filler numerous times. Still, nothing works. The water keeps dripping and the puddle grows.

In other cases, you might not know where the leak resides.

Water can cause many problems, from rot to biological growth, and more. Water is something you should address immediately to prevent further, larger problems. Water leaks are often the biggest problems best left to the professionals.

If you have a plumbing problem that’s been driving you crazy, give us a call today.

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