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4 Things To Know Before Investing In A Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan isn’t like other appliances scattered throughout your home. Instead, a ceiling fan is a design statement created to pull the look of your room together. Yet it also functions to help keep you comfortable, and reduce your utility bills too. 4 Things To Know Before Investing In A Ceiling Fan

With all that going for it, investing in a ceiling fan may be the perfect item for your to-do list this year. Whether it’s for your living room, family room, kitchen, bedroom, or patio, we think ceiling fans are the perfect addition to every room in your home. 

But what should you know before you buy?

1. Get ideas first – if you head out to your local big box store, you might find a few styles that would suit your needs. But the great thing about the internet today is you have unlimited opportunity at the click of a mouse. You’ll find styles, finishes, sizes, and colors to match any personality. You’ll find ceiling fans you didn’t even know existed. Create a pinboard on Pinterest and fill it with your ideas. And if you need help selecting the perfect match for your home, check with us first. We can make suggestions to ensure you have a high-quality product that will last you for years. 

2. Year round performance – ceiling fans aren’t just designed for the hottest days of the year. Instead, ceiling fans can be utilized to make your home a more comfortable place every day of the year. When you circulate air, it can create the feeling of the air space being up to seven degrees cooler than it actually is. That means you can bump your air conditioner up a few degrees and save money. And ceiling fans can be operated in reverse as well, meaning as warm air rises, a ceiling fan will circulate it back down to the living space, creating an overall warmer environment. 

3. Look at the options – a ceiling fan isn’t just something that adds a breeze to your room. Instead, ceiling fans have a wide array of options that make them a welcome addition to any room. Add light packages. Select damp or wet rated fans for outside use. Go with a smart fan and incorporate it into your HVAC technology to create the most energy efficient home you can. 

4. Lifetime guarantee – there are a lot of lousy product designs on the market. Never shop by price alone. Instead, look at the company you’re selecting and the guarantees they offer. Reputable companies will almost always offer limited lifetime guarantees on motors, with other insurances for things like blades, controls, and light kits. Be sure to read the fine print; many have specific requirements to ensure you are covered for the return policies and warranties. We can help you weed through all the details, and install it according to the guidelines to give you peace of mind. 

Is this the year you’ll be investing in a ceiling fan for your home?

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