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4 Ways To Modernize Your Atlanta Area Parking Structure

With many commercial properties, the parking structure is a mere afterthought. You build it, maintain it, but rarely consider updating it.

How long has your parking structure been operational? Is it a safe and welcoming place to be?4 Ways To Modernize Your Parking Structure

Your visitors notice. And in fact, if it isn’t in the best of condition, it may be keeping them away. But there are ways to make improvements and modernize your parking structure to meet everybody’s needs.

Mobile Capabilities

We use our smart technology everywhere, from the moment we rise until the moment we go to bed each night. Even today, there are many places where your technology just stops working. Large parking structures or cavernous garages can be a problem if they aren’t properly fitted. That can be a safety issue, especially if your parking structure is used all times of the day. Enable users to have access without worrying about losing coverage. For more personalized service, security can be on location to provide more precise response in case of emergency.

EV Charging

Smart businesses around the country are installing electric car charging stations within their parking structures. A few EV spots make effective branding and provide an innovative, cost-effective way to show tenants, employees, and customers that your business is tech-savvy and conscious of green technology.


Criminals hide in the shadows or when they can catch someone in the element of surprise. Complicated parking structures can provide all kinds of angles and dark spots to hide out in, more so when numerous cars are present. Property managers must install and maintain bright lighting throughout the areas, eliminating these dark areas as much as possible. LED gives you more opportunity in an energy efficient way.


Knowledge is prevention. Be sure tenants and employees understand the safety features you’ve provided in your parking structure. Use signs to help patrons remember the safety rules, such as locking their cars or where to find emergency help. Install video technology to help deter criminal behavior. You can also add two-way audio feature to communicate real time.

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