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5 Common Commercial HVAC Problems in Atlanta

5 Common Commercial HVAC Problems

A building’s HVAC system does more than keep the temperatures consistent. In fact, it controls many things that effect you on a daily basis, from keeping you safe from poisonous gasses and poor quality air, to improving productivity in the workforce by creating a comfortable environment. Not to mention it impacts how much you spend on energy costs each month.

Adopting a preventative maintenance program is critical to ensuring your Atlanta HVAC system functions properly and efficiently throughout the year. However, even the most well maintained system will require repair from time to time.

  • A sudden strange and unfamiliar sound
  • Inconsistent airflow or loss of heat or cool air
  • Unexpected rise in heating and cooling costs
  • Odors or complaints of poor indoor air quality
  • Increased utility costs

While these are just a few of the early warning signs you may have to tell you a problem exists within your HVAC system, there are simple reasons for why they occur in the first place:

Lack of Maintenance

The best thing you can do is invest in a preventative maintenance program. Routine visits from an Atlanta HVAC technician can often catch small problems before they escalate and create bigger problems down the road. Regular checkups can allow service technicians to identify and correct problems to ensure your equipment is performing as designed. Replacing worn out parts before they cause system failure is key.

Dirty Filters

Dirty or worn out air filters can force your HVAC equipment to work harder than it has to. This increases energy costs and reduces the life of your system. Frequently cleaning and replacing your filters is one of the easiest ways to maintain your equipment. It will also improve indoor air quality by keeping dust, allergens, and other pollutants at bay.

Leaking Refrigerant

Refrigerants are liquid/gas agents that allow your air conditioning system to operate. When your air conditioner doesn’t have enough refrigerant, it can’t do its job of producing cooled air. This issue not only leaves your building too warm, but it also causes the condenser to work overtime, leading to more costly system problems. Systems running low on refrigerant greatly increases your electricity usage, causing higher power bills.

Thermostat Problems

In many cases, your HVAC problems aren’t with the system, they are with your thermostat. Your thermostat regulates the timing and the amount of hot or cold air your unit should be producing. If the thermostat is malfunctioning, your building can suffer from temperature malfunctions, impacting your comfort level. If you are not utilizing proper thermostat scheduling, you could be heating and cooling an empty building.

Improper Air Balance

Conditioned air travels through ductwork and eventually comes out of vents in each room of your building. Dampers help control how much air flow travels through different lines, allowing more conditioned air to flow into other areas. In some cases, these dampers may be at fault for creating hot or cold spots throughout your space.

Commercial HVAC Maintenance in Atlanta

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