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5 Easy Ways To Tell If Your Commercial Plumbing Needs To Be Upgraded

Commercial plumbing can take a beating. Even a small facility with just a few employees, it can be under a lot of stress as people are in and out of the restrooms all day.

For a property manager, you’re most often diving into the most immediate problem for the day. But what if there were ways you could prevent “the worst” from happening? A little sleuthing and preventative maintenance can prevent impending disaster with your commercial plumbing system.

5 Easy Ways To Tell If Your Commercial Plumbing Needs To Be UpgradedOlder buildings give off warning signs that your commercial plumbing needs to be upgraded. Have you noticed any of these?

Problematic or outdated hardware

Look at your plumbing fixtures through the eyes of a visitor. Do they look like they are straight out of the last century? Are you using old technology? Are the fixtures chipped and worn? If they look old and worn out on the surface, chances are the plumbing used to operate them isn’t working its best either. It’s time to call in a plumber and upgrade the fixtures, as well as ensure your water and sewer lines are operating correctly.

Reduced water pressure

Over the years, you might start to notice the flow of the water supply changes. What used to be a full-force flow is now nothing more than a trickle. A gradual decrease in pressure might not be an emergency, but it should be something one of our plumbers checks out. A sudden loss requires immediate attention, as it could be a broken pipe somewhere in the system.

Water quality 

Have you ever turned on a faucet to find the water coming out brown? Or maybe a foul smell is coming from your plumbing fixtures, and nothing you try seems to work. Any change in the way your water appears is a sign there is a change with your plumbing system. And because you can’t see deep into your pipes, the best way to deal with it is by having a plumber provide a full inspection to pinpoint the area of concern.

Outdated pipes 

The average age of commercial properties across America is now over 50 years old. Depending on when your commercial space was built, the pipes could be made of galvanized steel, iron, or even lead. Every material has a useful life, and once it’s reached, it can start to wear in different ways. Rather than wait for a big problem, upgrade and prevent the problem altogether.


You can’t ignore groaning, gurgling, or squealing. If your commercial plumbing has reached the stage of making noises every time someone uses water within the building, it’s time for a full inspection. Sounds are usually created because of a backup somewhere in the system. Don’t wait for bigger problems when a minor repair may be all you need today.

Is your commercial plumbing in good shape?

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