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5 Important Questions to Ask a Commercial Plumber


Plumbing problems can seriously muck up your business operations. While you want to take care of the issue and get things flowing again (in more ways than one) as quickly as possible, not all commercial plumbers operate the same way. Here are five questions you should ask commercial plumbers before hiring them.

1. Do you charge for estimates?

It’s perfectly reasonable to want an estimate of how much your plumbing problem will cost to repair. That estimate could come with its own cost. Be sure to ask if the plumber charges for coming out to your business to take a look at the issue and determine how much it will cost to remedy the situation.

2. Are you currently licensed and insured?

You should only do business with commercial plumbers who have the experience, insurance coverage, and the necessary license to work in your geographic area. All three are just as essential for you as they are for the plumbers themselves. Also, you are sure to have better peace of mind working with plumbers who possess such credentials.

3. Do you charge by the hour, or is there a flat fee?

As you review the estimate (the one you may or may not be charged for), look to see whether you’ll be charged by the hour or by the plumbing repair. Taking this one step further, ask if there’s a separate fee for parts and labor. You deserve to know every included fee, tax, and add-on.

4. Do you offer a warranty?

Warranties on plumbing work and parts are preferable, so you have another layer of peace of mind. While there may be a manufacturer’s warranty, it’s also good to ask about the length of time the plumber guarantees all labor.

5. How long have you been in business?

While a brand-new commercial plumbing business may not deliver the worst results, it may not have the background necessary to tackle your specific issue. More experienced companies have already been tested by others, meaning you don’t have to become a guinea pig.

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