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6 Things That Will Cause Air Conditioner Problems and How To Prevent Them

Want to see how well your air conditioner operates? Wait for the hottest day of the year. As the temperatures climb, air conditioner problems will quickly become apparent. 

6 Things That Will Cause Air Conditioner Problems and How To Prevent ThemBut if you want to solve those air conditioner problems before they occur, you can ensure you’ll never have to experience a miserable day where you’re trying to use fans to stay cool, waiting for an HVAC technician to show up at your door. 

An air conditioner rarely causes problems without a little advanced warning. When you see any of these signs, call for service to avoid downtime.

Thermostat problems – as your air conditioner ages, the thermostat can stop communicating with the control system. Simple solutions can be to fix or replace your thermostat to ensure thermostat settings operate correctly. 

Clogged drains – air conditioners produce moisture, and that moisture has to go somewhere. Air conditioners have a drain line that feeds into a pan, and then flows down the drain. If the line or drain clogs, water backs up, and that can damage your system. 

Fan problems – an air conditioner uses two fans – one that blows indoor air over an evaporator coil to cool air, and another that blows air over the condenser coil in the outside unit to expel heat outside your home. If either of these aren’t functioning properly, your air conditioner won’t work. 

Condenser coil problems – the condenser coil is used to remove heat from your home. This sits in the outside unit, and can become dirty over time. If it has a layer of dirt or grime, it will make your air conditioner work harder than it has to, or stop working altogether. 

Evaporator coil problems – the evaporator coil is filled with refrigerant, which helps it absorb heat. It needs airflow to work properly. When airflow is blocked, a layer of ice can form on the coil. This means cooled air stops, and your home will rapidly rise in temperature. 

Refrigerant – refrigerant isn’t something you can top off like oil in your car. If you have low refrigerant, there may be a leak in the line. And that means your air conditioner won’t cool the way it should. A technician will need to find the problem and fix it before adding more refrigerant. 

All of these things can be prevented through proper maintenance. If you wish to avoid air conditioner problems and have a cool house all summer long, have a technician check your system today. 

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