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7 Plumbing Myths You Might Believe

It’s easy to get sucked in by some of the most common plumbing myths out there. You’ll find articles posted about them online. Even some of your favorite household cleaning tips might not be as good for your home as the way they are marketed to you.

But how do you know? What should you believe?

Myth #1: Bleach Toilet Tablets Will Eliminate The Need For Cleaning

7 Plumbing Myths You Might BelieveThey sound good in theory; simply drop in a tablet every once in awhile, and you’ll never have to think about cleaning again. But what they don’t tell you is how damaging those bleach tablets can be. Drop one in, and it will destroy the inner workings of your toilet. Bleach naturally eats away many different materials when it comes in contact with them. A little bleach swished around and flushed away may clean the toilet, but if you leave it to sit in there, it can eat away at rubber, enamel, and more.

Myth #2: Grinding Lemons Keeps Your Garbage Disposal Fresh and Clean

This can be true. But depending on the size and strength of a garbage disposal, it can also damage the blades over time. Instead, we recommend a simple mixture of baking soda and vinegar, completely dissolved, poured down the drain to keep it smelling fresh.

Myth #3: A Little Grease Never Hurt

The problem with pouring a little grease here and there is it adds up over time. What happens when you let grease cool and sit for a moment? It hardens. That’s what happens when you release it into your drain. It hardens and solidifies, decreasing the size of your pipes. That can eventually cause backups throughout your plumbing system.

Myth #4: Flushable Wipes Are Okay To Flush

They may claim to be flushable on the package, but if you’ve used flushable wipes for any length of time, chances are you’ve had a backup in your plumbing system and have come to realize they aren’t. They’re tougher. They’re thicker. They take longer to break down in water. And when a lot of them get stuck in your plumbing system, it’s the surest way to a backup.

Myth #5: A Brick In Your Toilet Will Save You Money

Bricks aren’t part of the design of the toilet. Including them in the tank is only asking for trouble. Bricks tend to crumble and deteriorate, especially when in constant contact with water. These bits and pieces impact the components in the toilet, damaging the flapper and causing you to flush multiple time, thus wasting water.

Myth #6: Slow Leaks Aren’t A Problem

It’s only an occasional drip, how much trouble can it cause? A LOT! Anytime you notice a drip in your system, it’s time to fix it as soon as possible. Even a tiny drip can hike up your water bill, waste water, cause undue wear and tear on your fixture.

Myth #7 If You Have A Clog, Use A Plunger

That’s not always the case. If you have a double sink, use caution as clearing one side may cause splashback in the other. If you’ve used commercial drain cleaner with chemicals, it can be dangers, even deadly as it sends the chemicals back up onto your skin or in your nose or throat. We highly recommend not using harsh chemicals in your drain, as they often do more harm than good.

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