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7 Tips To Help You Avoid Buying The Wrong Toilet

Buying a new toilet can seem like a fairly straightforward process. You can find them on sale at your big box store and bring it home today.

But what happens after it’s installed? You could possibly spend the next decade or two with a noisy fixture that never seems to work quite as well as it should. It might be uncomfortable, the wrong color, or simply not work. What should you avoid?

A Noisy Flusher

Pressure-assisted toilets are increasingly finding their way into the marketplace. And while many of them have great features, they can often sound like a jet engine when they are flushed. This flushing action is designed to keep the bowl cleaner and can help at eliminating clogs. But the noise can be a problem when your bathroom is right off living space or in a quiet location by the bedrooms.

Out Of The Ordinary Parts

When your bathroom remodeling project is designed to replace the ordinary with the extraordinary, just remember it could be a problem when it comes time to repair. Will you be able to find parts for your one-of-a-kind model with custom features?


Okay, we said it. Have you ever walked into a bathroom with harvest gold or avocado green fixtures? They held their appeal many years ago. Now they’re just ugly. What feels fresh and cutting edge today can quickly fade into a style that lost it’s “oomph” years before.


Have you ever dropped the lid and had it echo throughout your home (or so it seems)? A banging toilet lid may seem like a little annoyance, but it can be a big deal in the middle of the night when everyone is sleeping. You’ll appreciate a slow-drop seat more.

Wrong Size

Many people are surprised when they bring their bargain toilet home to find it’s the wrong size. Switching from a standard bowl to one with an elongated bowl may seem more comfortable, but not if you’re fighting for space in a small bathroom. It can be an annoyance you have to live with for many years.

Too High

Just like the bowl can be the wrong size, “comfort height” can also become an annoyance. New toilets can feature bowls that are 17 to 19 inches in height. Compare that to a standard of 15 inches. Wall it can be a great advantage to someone who is tall, the elderly, or someone with a disability, it can be a challenge to someone who isn’t so tall.

Tough To Clean

Spend a little time looking at the design, and you may find features you can’t live without. Like a special surface finish that inhibits bacteria. Or a wall-mounted toilet that eliminates nooks and crannies that are difficult to keep clean.

The perfect toilet is out there, ready and waiting for your remodel. The only question is, which will it be?

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