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7 Tips To Help You Lower Your Utility Bills

Want a quick checklist of things you can do around your home to help you lower your utility bills? Here are a few of the recommendations we make to clients all the time. You don’t have to start big or do them all at once. Just start small and do a little here and there. Over time, you’ll see the savings add up. 

Replace all of your lightbulbs

Do you still have incandescent bulbs in use throughout your home? Now is the time to make the switch to LED. Start with one room and replace every bulb. By 7 Tips To Help You Lower Your Utility Billsreplacing the five bulbs you use most frequently, Energy Star states you can save as much as $60 a year. Then move to every room in your home, indoors and out, and replace every one of them. Not only do they help you save on your energy bill, but the also last considerably longer than regular bulbs too. 

Update switches with smarter technology

You might have a motion sensor light outside near your doors. They work well when you only want to illuminate an area when movement occurs. But did you know you can use the same technology throughout your home too? There are a variety of different motion sensors available to help you control energy usage inside your home. Try motion sensors in the places you don’t spend a lot of time, to ensure you don’t accidentally leave the lights burning for hours. You can also use timers to control bathroom fans. This helps clear the air out without having to remember to go back and turn the fan off. 

Go Energy Star

Look around at your appliances; how old are they? If you haven’t updated appliances in a while, you’ll be surprised at how much more energy efficient they can be. An Energy Star appliance label will tell you the appliance meets energy efficiency guidelines. By replacing an outdated or inefficient appliance with one that is more efficient, you can save hundreds of dollars in electricity every year, according to Sambla.

Reduce energy drains

Look around your home. There are many electronics that use energy whether they are in use or not. Your computer, your television, your scanner, your printer, your music equipment – they all such energy without being in use. Because they are plugged in, ready and waiting, they suck electricity all day long. And that can add up over time. A better way is to unplug everything when not in use. Consider using power strips and switching them off for more ease. 

Change furnace filters

If your furnace is working at its optimal level, it makes your furnace run more efficiently. It also prolongs the furnace’s lifespan. And the good news is furnace filters are one of the most economical ways of keeping your furnace in good working condition. When in doubt, change them out. 

Make your water heater more efficient

Have you ever stood for seconds – minutes – waiting for the cold water to warm up? That wastes both water and the electricity needed to heat the water. A more efficient way is to install a hot water circulating pump. This helps you have instant hot water when you demand it. It also means no more waste while you wait for it to appear. 

Repair your furnace and air conditioner

Did you know more than half of all the money you spend on your energy bills each month are from heating and cooling your home? That means the more efficient they operate, the more you’ll save on your bottom line. When was the last time you had a tune up? Call in a professional at the start of each season to ensure your equipment is operating well. And if your equipment is more than a few years old, it may be time to replace it with a more efficient unit. You’ll start reaping the rewards in lower utility bills from the beginning. 

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