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A Few Lessons In Keeping Your Garbage Disposal Fresh, Clean, and Functioning

If you have a garbage disposal, chances are you love the convenience of being able to flush food scraps down the drain. Instead of leaving food that quickly rots and starts to smell in your trash, you can send it down the drain. That leaves your home smelling fresh without the inconvenience of having to run the trash out after every meal. 

A Few Lessons In Keeping Your Garbage Disposal Fresh, Clean, and FunctioningBut, if you don’t take the time to clean your garbage disposal, eventually bacteria builds up, and odors may appear. As you walk through your kitchen, you’ll turn, wondering where those funny smells are coming from. They’re coming from your drain. 

First thing’s first. A garbage disposal isn’t meant to be a trash can. It’s not meant to be the resource to dispose of every scrap after your meal. The big pot of leftover rice or pasta? You’ll create a bigger mess if you send it down the drain. 

Some things can easily be ground up by your garbage disposal and sent through:

  • Small scraps of food – chop up larger pieces for easy passage
  • Citrus peels, which can help clean and deodorize too
  • Ice cubes, which can help clean the inside of the disposal

And there are things you should never send through:

  • Rice, pasta, and other foods that expand with water
  • Large bones
  • Potato peels and other starchy foods that turn to paste when wet
  • Coffee grounds and egg shells which can clog pipes
  • Fat and grease which can solidify around blades

When in doubt, throw it away. Or consult your manufacturer’s owners manual for more specification. 

If you’re already using things like ice cubes and citrus peels to keep it clean and fresh, keep it up. If your not in the habit, try using these items once a week to freshen it up. Never use chemical cleaners as these can corrode the blades and shorten the lifespan of your disposal. Never reach in with your hand to unclog it. If you need additional assistance, just call. 

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