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A Guide To Commercial Air Filters

When it comes to heating and cooling your commercial building, you probably have a few things in mind. 

It’s important to have the right temperature – proper heating and cooling means less complaints from the building’s occupants. 

It’s important to have good indoor air quality. Good indoor air quality leads to better health, which means better productivity all around. A Guide To Commercial Air Filters

It’s also important to control efficiencies. A more efficient system means less repairs, lower utility bills, and more time between replacement of worn out equipment. 

One of the simplest things you can do to keep your equipment running at optimal efficiency is changing out your air filters. A good air filtration system will help reduce indoor air pollutants. It will filter out particles that can get back into the system and wreak havoc on the equipment. 

But as you would guess, not all air filters are created equal. 

Air filters are given a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value – MERV. The higher the rating, the more particles are filtered out before entering your HVAC system. 

A filter with a MERV of 1 to 4 are typically cheap, disposable fiberglass filters that let a lot of particles get through. 

A filter with a MERV of 5 to 8 often include pleats that do a better job of capturing small particles. 

A filter with a MERV of 9 to 12 has extended pleats that capture even more. 

A filter with a MERV of 13 to 16 is electronic. 

Instead of selecting one on your own, be sure to check with a professional to ensure you get the properly rated filter for your system. Final selection should be made not only for efficiency of the air filter within the system, but also to ensure your operating costs of the HVAC system stay as low as possible. Though investing in a less expensive filter now could save you money today, it can cost more over time as it needs to be replaced more frequently. 

When was the last time you updated your commercial air filter?

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