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Adding Recessed Lighting To Your Home

Adding Recessed Lighting To Your Home

Recessed lighting – often called canned lighting because of its shape – is lighting fixtures installed in the ceiling as opposed to protruding out of the ceiling. Recessed lighting can benefit homes with low ceilings as it doesn’t take away valuable space for light fixtures hanging down. It can also give a room a cleaner, more modern design.

Recessed lighting is fairly simple in design:

  • The Housing – holds the electrical wiring and socket for the bulb
  • The Ceiling Trim – covers the edge of the hole made for the housing
  • The Bulb – the light that fits in the housing

Recessed lighting is often used for a variety of things – from providing spot light sources, to accenting artwork and other personal belongings. If you are considering adding recessed lighting in your home, there are a few things to consider.

Recessed lights are ideal for task areas. Because recessed lighting provides concentrated light, they work well over counters, inside closets, or above work surfaces.

Recessed lights emphasize the details. Extra light can accentuate the little details in your house. Place them over crystal to make it shine. Place them in corners to highlight and brighten your rooms. It can bring out any detail, and make a room look bigger and brighter.

Recessed lighting is made for emphasis, not whole room lighting. Because recessed lighting is refined and concentrated, attempting to light a large room with it will make the quality of light too harsh. Adding sources of light at eye level will soften the look and make it more of a home.

Recessed lighting should be used to highlight. In a large room, if you place recessed lighting in a rigid pattern, it can take on an airport runway appearance. Recessed lighting is made for highlighting, not as a way to brighten an entire area.

Recessed lighting is a great way to emphasize your artwork. With directional recessed lighting, you can call out your favorite canvas or artwork and provide rich detail all hours of the day.

Recessed lighting isn’t just for indoors. You can place recessed lighting outside as well. Recessed lighting can emphasize architectural features, textures, even landscaping with a spotlight positioned in the eaves of a home.

Recessed lighting can change the dynamics of a room. Directional recessed lighting can brighten walls of a narrow hallway and make it feel bigger.

Recessed lighting can help save you money. The halogen bulbs used in recessed lighting in previous years are now being placed with LED bulbs, saving you money both on energy costs and on the purchase price of bulb replacements.

Today is the perfect time to add recessed lighting to your home. What areas are you ready to light up?

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