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Do Your Atlanta Air Ducts Need Repair?

When many homeowners think about maintenance issues with their heating and cooling system, they often forget one of the most important parts: the air ducts.

The air ducts deliver conditioned air throughout your home. If something isn’t right with your air ducts, it can impact your indoor air quality as well as the performance of your HVAC equipment.

And while your air ducts may be “out of sight, out of mind,” it is possible for them to have problems almost right from the beginning.

Poor initial installation – this can include everything from using the wrong materials to not proper insulating ductwork, especially in nonconditioned areas.

Age – just like other appliances in your home, ductwork can eventually wear out.

Corrosion – dirt, debris, moisture, can all take its toll on the health of your ducts.

Rodents and bugs – ductwork in the attic or crawlspace can be inhibited by small bugs and animals, causing tears and holes, or leaving behind potentially harmful substances to impact the air you breathe.

Damaged ductwork can result in a decline in indoor comfort as well as contaminate indoor air quality. Whether your ducts have gaps, leaks, or just bad connections, the only way to restore them to good working condition is to have a professional evaluate the quality of your ducts and make repairs as needed.

Have you noticed hot or cold spots in your home? This can be a sign of a duct that is leaking. A leak prevents conditioned air from traveling to its proper location.

Have you heard strange sounds as your HVAC equipment operates? Air ducts expand and contract with the change in airflow. A normal “popping” sound when the system first cycles on is normal; loud rattling or shaking sounds are not. These sounds good be an indicator of damaged ductwork somewhere in the system.

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