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What Is An Anode Rod And Why You Should Care

Have you ever run out of hot water in the middle of your shower? Nothing is worse than having to rinse soap from your eyes with a stream of cold water. Unless that cold stream also turns a brown, rusty color too.

When your water stream suddenly turns a different color, it may be a warning that your water heater is rusting from the inside out. And if you ignore it, you could be facing an even bigger problem from a burst water heater is a short period of time.

It can also be a warning that your water heater is likely in need of a new anode rod. Though an anode rod isn’t well known to most homeowners, it is an important part of your water heater. Anode rods are thin metal rods that screw into the top of your water heater to help protect the tank from rusting.

Water heater tanks deal with water throughout their lives. And water carries a variety of different corrosive elements that can cause rusting of the water heater’s internal liner. The anode rod helps decrease the amount of rusting within the tank by attracting chemicals to it rather than to allow it to settle on the water heater’s lining.

Just like other home appliances, an anode rod needs regular maintenance and may occasionally need replacing to ensure your water heater has a long life. Through regular checks, you can monitor how effective an anode rod is.

Anode rods average 3 to 5 years of life, depending on the quality and materials used in production.

The easiest way to tell when an anode rod is failing it by noticing rust colored water when you turn on fixtures throughout your home. Other signs include a metallic taste in your water, a decrease in water temperatures, and a slow leak in your tank.

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Inspection of the anode rod annually for signs of corrosion is the best way to keep it in top shape. A professional technician can help you check it during a regular maintenance visit.

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