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How To Avoid An Emergency Air Conditioning Call


September is here. Fall is in the air. But that doesn’t mean the warmest days are behind us. You never know when we’ll experience a rise in the temperatures and the air conditioning system has to kick into high gear.

And a major cooling system breakdown can leave your home hot and without a working air conditioner during a heat wave that can last for days.

AC emergencies can be both stressful and costly. And while they are something we all try and avoid, some homeowners accomplish that easier than others.


Schedule regular maintenance

Lack of maintenance is one of the most common reasons for a cooling system breakdown. You wouldn’t operate your car without regular maintenance – a car without oil is doomed for a breakdown. You wouldn’t run a marathon without proper training – a body needs regular maintenance, especially when pushing it as far as it can go. So why let one of the major systems in your home operate month after month, year after year, without giving it the proper maintenance it requires to operate efficiently?

Even when your air conditioner appears to be running normally, maintenance can ensure it’s in top condition. A HVAC technician will not only check and clean the unit, but he’ll also assess the condition of the parts and let you know which have begun showing wear and how long before they may become a potential problem. You can use that to make any necessary repairs and replacements before the problem escalates into a big problem.

Make changes sooner rather than later

As homeowners, we often notice changes in the way fixtures and equipment behave. We notice subtle changes – a drip or a noise. We observe when things aren’t quite up to par. But even though we take notice of many of these changes, very often we set these thoughts aside. After all, with so many other things happening in our busy days, why should you worry about a small drip? These small changes are signs of things to come. You can address them now, when a simple maintenance call will repair the problem and extend the life of your equipment. Or you can deal with the consequences when it escalates into a major repair.

Air conditioning emergencies can happen at any time. Even well-maintained air conditioners can suddenly have significant problems. But as an air conditioning maintenance company, we deal with problems every day. By letting equipment continue to operate without proper maintenance, your risks increase significantly. To avoid emergency situations, simple steps can be taken to reduce your risks once and for all.

When was the last time your air conditioner was looked at?

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