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How To Avoid Heating Emergencies in Your Atlanta Home

When do emergencies most likely occur?

When you aren’t prepared.

Many emergency situations can be postponed or even eliminated when you take a little action and put provisions in place. Including heating your home.

The way to do that is with furnace maintenance. Yes, your furnace may be out of sight, tucked away into a corner that you rarely visit. But that doesn’t mean it should remain out of mind. There are many reasons for a furnace tune-up:

Safety – The most important reason is to ensure the safety of your family. A malfunctioning furnace can release gas or dangerous carbon monoxide into your air supply, leading to many health complications or even death.

Convenience – Appointments are always more convenient when they are on your terms; when you schedule them on your days off, or when you plan them after you’ve worked them into your budget. Emergency calls at 3 in the morning are never beneficial.

Prevent costly repairs – Fixing things early means the costs don’t escalate down the road. Repairing a squeak when it starts, can help you eliminate the problem before it escalates and turns into a larger issue.

Improve efficiency – When equipment works at its optimal level, you reap the rewards. This means you burn less fuel, which is better for the environment and can keep your fuel bills as low as possible.

Manufacturer’s Warranty – Have you read the manufacturer’s warranty that came with your furnace? Most have a clause that states regular maintenance is required to honor the warranty. Tune-ups ensure the equipment is working at optimal performance, and ensure all parts are up to the standards the manufacturer designed.

Heating Maintenance & Emergency Repair in Atlanta

Would a regular maintenance plan help you? Yes! R.S. Andrews offers several heating maintenance plans in Atlanta to help maintain the comfort and safety of your home, and we also offer emergency heating repairs. Contact us today for service!

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