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The Benefits of Commercial HVAC Upgrades

The Benefits of Commercial HVAC Upgrades

Today in the US, more than 5.6 million commercial buildings are operating in some capacity. While some were built or upgraded to include today’s latest technology, many others are running using outdated and archaic systems.

That’s a big deal when the US Energy Information Administration shows that 40 percent of our energy consumption is consumed by keeping our buildings’ operational.

Because the biggest factor in energy consumption is within your HVAC equipment, it’s the first place to make improvements to control the energy you use. Does your building’s equipment need an upgrade? Here are six reasons why now may be the time.

Reason #1 Equipment is at the end of its life

HVAC equipment isn’t designed to stay operational for decades. Even with major and minor repairs, original equipment should be replaced over time. If your equipment was installed in the 1990s, it’s already reached the end of its life expectancy. As equipment ages, reliability decreases, operational costs increase, and your risk of experiencing significant downtime goes up. Today’s HVAC equipment has advanced technology that can provide significant operational benefits from the moment you replace it.

Reason #2 Space is being remodeled

Building renovation occurs on a regular basis as old tenants move out and new tenants move in. Each time the building’s space is overhauled, it changes the configuration and the requirements of the HVAC system. Equipment size should be modified for the new space. Load calculations should be performed to meet new ventilation needs.

Reason #3 Create a more comfortable environment

Proper heating, cooling and ventilation is key in maintaining a comfort, healthy and productive environment for everyone within the building.

Reason #4 Increases energy efficiency

In addition to overall energy costs, commercial heating and cooling costs account for about 40 percent of the total utility bill each month. That means your HVAC equipment is the prime target for reducing your overall expenses simply by creating a more energy efficient system. New equipment is almost always more efficient than the equipment you currently have installed, especially if it is more than a few years old.

Reason #5 Improve indoor air quality

Poor indoor air quality is linked to all kinds of problems, including asthma attacks, headaches, dizziness, allergy attacks, respiratory problems, and in some cases carbon monoxide poisoning. It can cost you in many ways, including increased employee illness, absenteeism and lost productivity. A good HVAC system helps maintain healthy indoor air quality through proper ventilation.

Reason #6 Improves your marketability

Looking for better quality tenants at top rates? Technologically advanced and sustainable and environmentally friendly commercial properties can lead the way in the clients you attract into your building. It makes your building more attractive to those businesses that care about their impact on the environment.

Are you ready for a commercial HVAC upgrade?

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