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3 Questions To Help Create A Green Commercial Environment

If you’re in charge of commercial property space, one of your goals is to make your property more efficient. Greater efficiency means you’ll pay less each month in utility bills. It also ensures your building operates in a greener way.

But where do you start? You already have a full schedule every day. And to stay on budget means dealing with things in a systematized order. How can you do it all?3 Questions To Help Create A Green Commercial Environment

When you decide to make your commercial space greener, it isn’t an “all in” situation. There are ways you can make better choices, and still stay on schedule and on budget.

Every day when you face a new decision, ask yourself three questions to determine if it helps you create a green commercial environment.

How long will it last?

If a product is touting green qualities, then by definition it must have sustainability built into it. Cheaper products will have less functionality and shorter useful life. It’s wasteful because it does more harm in the long run than it does good.

This is where it helps to shop around and ask more questions. Weigh the costs of how long the product will last versus how much you’re willing to pay for upgraded features. For example, a more efficient furnace may cost more upfront, but provide several more years of service and cut your monthly utility bills by 20, 30, 40 percent or more. By looking at the big picture, you can make a sound decision based on facts.

How much do I know about this product?

If products truly meet green certification and are of high quality, the manufacturer won’t be afraid of sharing their business practices. They should be transparent in everything they do.

You can find out more about a company by doing a quick search online. If a company is in it for the long term, and they are trying to make a difference in the world by developing green products and services, they’ll have a lot of evidence of that online. They’ll connect with green organizations. They’ll share their certifications and be able to back it up with proof.

How does it fit with my long term goals?

Sometimes it makes sense to think long term. And in some cases, long term may only mean a few years. Are you planning a complete system overhaul in a few years, but need a solution to get you through? You can still make the best choice possible without purchasing the greenest in the business.

We see this a lot with things like tank water heaters. While not the greenest choice you can make, some makes and models do have high energy efficient ratings. And depending on your long term goals, they make perfect sense for today’s needs.

Where do I begin?

Of course, only you can know your long term plans. Is your goal simply to make your commercial property greener? Or are you doing everything you can, hoping for LEED certification?

Whatever your long term goals are, we can help. From plumbing, HVAC, or electrical system, we can guide you to the greenest, most efficient products on the market.

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