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3 Quick Checks On A Cold Morning With No Heat

3 Quick Checks On A Cold Morning With No Heat

Many commercial buildings have the advantage of being able to turn the temperatures down low in the winter time on Friday night, knowing full well the building will sit empty until Monday morning. And two days of using your heating equipment at a slower pace can really add up over time.

Still, when the first person enters Monday morning and faces a situation where there is no heat, it can be an unpleasant surprise. And then the phone calls begin.

“Where’s the heat?”
“I have an important client meeting in two hours. When will this be fixed?

As a property manager, the stress builds.

In some cases, it may be a minor problem you can fix yourself. Have you checked these items?

Power Switch

It may seem obvious, but check the power switch before you do anything else. Depending on where your furnace is located, it may be in a place where people move around, accidentally hitting the power switch in the process. Look for the power switch on the side of the furnace and verify it’s in the on position.

Thermostat Setting

Again, it may seem obvious, but verify the thermostat wasn’t adjusted to a new temperature, and that the thermostat is working properly. Programmable thermostats are designed to save you money and make the process easy, but they aren’t infallible. The batteries may have failed, or it may simply have been adjusted for new dates and times.


For a furnace to work properly, it has to bring in fresh air from the outside and exhaust toxic gasses back outside the building. This air flow system is essential for the furnace to operate correctly. If any of these vents are not in proper working condition, it can shut off the furnace. Check to see if any vents that run to the outside are blocked or clogged with debris.

Still can’t find the problem? It’s time to call in the professionals. In many cases, it’s a minor problem that can be fixed and have you up and operational in no time at all.

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