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3 Tips For Avoiding Inadequate HVAC Service


When the seasons change, many Atlanta homeowners turn on their HVAC equipment for the first time. And with a flip of the switch, they determine that something isn’t working right. This usually leads to a call to an HVAC company for emergency services to determine what the problem is.

There are two types of HVAC providers. The first are service technicians who use their knowledge and diagnostic equipment to determine what the problem is. The second are part changers that merely change out parts based on the stories you tell them. They change a part, wait to see if it’s fixed, then change out another one, with you paying for every change.

As a homeowner, your goal is simple: you want your HVAC system operating correctly. Whether you live in Dunwoody, Roswell, or Duluth, you simply want a home that maintains the temperature you desire. So how can you prevent yourself from falling victim to the parts changer?

Ask questions from the beginning

A reputable HVAC contractor will never be offended by your questions. In fact, they will use the time to further educate you about your HVAC equipment. This is a chance for you to learn more about what to watch for and be a better educated, more informed homeowner. If you find a technician who fumbles for words, or attempts to shrug you off and move away from your questioning, they probably won’t offer you a complete service.

Be aware of swapping out parts

Just by watching a technician, you can tell what their ultimate goal is. The parts changer will come in with boxes and immediately set to work swapping things out and making obvious changes. They test: switch a part and flip the switch. You’ll also see your bill increasing. Those three, four, five parts can quickly add up. And in most cases, the first couple of parts were unnecessary.

Get up front pricing on repairs

The technician should provide the cost of repairs before making any repairs on the system. If the repair costs seem out of line or you don’t trust the diagnostics, you can have another company provide a second opinion. As with all machines, end of life on equipment can come unexpectedly. Weight your options when making major repairs; it might be time to replace the equipment.

Trust your instinct. It very rarely steers you wrong. If you have a bad feeling about a situation, it’s usually correct.

If you have a question about any HVAC service, past or present, give us a call. Our goal is to leave you with a positive experience every time.

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