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4 HVAC Repairs That Can Destroy a Property Manager’s Budget

Being a property manager is a fine balance between resolving tenants wishes and complaints, and working through the never-ending to-do list of keeping a property in good working condition.

At the top of that list is your HVAC system. Without the proper flow of heating and cooling throughout the property, tenants would have a lot to complain about. Yet HVAC repair costs can quickly get out of hand if not properly managed. 4 HVAC Repairs That Can Destroy a Property Manager’s BudgetAlthough all HVAC systems break down over time, most of these units suffer problems because of neglect and poor servicing. HVAC systems are mechanical, which means they need regular maintenance to keep them in good working condition. And this maintenance cost can be a lot less expensive than running into an emergency situation bright and early one morning.

What are the top HVAC repairs that can cost you big bucks?

Chilled Water Systems

Chilled water systems are made up of cooling towers, chillers, and pumps. Because they offer a relatively inexpensive way of cooling a building, they make popular choices in many commercial properties. Cooling towers use either air or water to cool and process heated air back into the atmosphere. The condenser pumps are the most mechanical pieces of the system, moving the water throughout the system. Chillers remove heat from liquids through vapor compression or absorption refrigeration cycles. This cooled liquid then runs via pipes throughout the building.


Boiler repair can also be costly if not well maintained. A boiler that is working properly is more efficient, which can help you save on heating bills. A served boiler is also safer – it doesn’t leak poisonous gases such as carbon monoxide back into the air supply.

Air Conditioning Ducts and Vents

The ducts and vents that allow conditioned air to flow throughout the building can be clogged if not cleaned and maintained. Clogged ducts and vents not only make the equipment work harder, but they can also compromise air quality.

Air Conditioning Unit

Air conditioners are prone to many malfunctions. Luckily, AC units display warning signs before they stop working. Regular maintenance helps identify these problems and catches them early before they become larger problems.

When is the last time your HVAC system had a checkup? When is the last time a technician fully examined your HVAC equipment to determine how well it’s operating? Regular maintenance is the best way to stay ahead of potential problems and keep everyone in your commercial property happy and healthy. Give us a call today.

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