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4 Overlooked Reasons For Retrofitting Your Lighting With LED

LED has improved dramatically over the last few years. They’re less expensive and more available than ever before. But we don’t need to tell you that. If you go into your favorite big box store, they line the shelves. And for a good reason.

They save energy. They save money. And their performance levels ensure a much longer lifespan.4 Overlooked Reasons For Retrofitting Your Lighting With LED

Globally, LED is now 40 percent of the market share. LED has overtaken fluorescent sales in the residential sector and is expected to continue at a fast pace in the years to come.

Commercial properties may be slower at shifting to LED, but slowly they’re coming on board. Have you been contemplating a switch from fluorescent to LED? It doesn’t mean an expensive overhaul of your entire electrical system. In many cases, retrofitting your lighting with LED is a relatively simple process.

LED retrofit kits make sense for older lighting systems. They provide your commercial space with all the benefits of using LED technology, and they do it at a fraction of the cost.

Making the switch to LED has a multitude of benefits. But these are our top 4 reasons for retrofitting to LED now.

1. Lower maintenance costs

For many property managers, energy savings is one of the top concerns. With every upgrade you make, it’s about building more energy efficiency into the way the property operates.

Retrofitting, like any project, requires an initial investment to convert existing lighting to LED. But since you’re retrofitting LED lighting into existing fixtures, it’s not nearly as much as a complete redo.

Plus once they’re installed, you’ll spend less every month on your utility bill. And because they can last months – years – longer than their counterparts, it means you’re maintenance team will have the time to do something else.

2. Retrofits don’t replace the fixtures, they make them better

There’s a common misconception that switching to LED means replacing the fixtures throughout the building. That’s what makes retrofitting lighting with LED better. The fixtures stay in place, lowering the cost of this project. But you still gain the benefits of lower energy consumption, meaning it can pay for itself in a very short time.

3. You’ll have less waste

When you replace the entire fixture, you create a lot more waste, most of which winds up in the landfill. With a full replacement, the entire system is taken out and reinstalled. By retrofitting, the only thing you replace are the lamps and ballasts. That means you can start saving right away, as quickly as with the installation.

4. You’re growing for a better future

Have you noticed laws are changing all the time? It’s no secret that as a society, our goals are to increase energy efficiency. As regulations come into play, you’ll have a short period of time to comply.

The sooner you start making changes towards a better future, the easier the process will be. That means taking control over what you can today, to decrease your demands for energy down and increase your savings.

Are you ready for retrofitting your lighting with LED in your property? It’s easy to get started; give us a call today.

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