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5 Big Mistakes HVAC Contractors Make

Big Mistakes HVAC Contractors Make

The simple fact is we’re all human. We all make mistakes. And that means HVAC contractors too.

Yet for some HVAC contractors, mistakes aren’t occasional matters. With some, you’ll find them repeating the same problems over and over again. Some leave big messes in their customers’ homes. Some do work that will quickly cause problems down the road. Some aren’t worth hiring to do the job. But how do you know who they are?

We’ve been called in to correct a variety of problems over the years that less-than-reputable contractors have left behind.

Not Understanding Air Flow

When you invest in a new furnace and air conditioner, it’s not just the equipment that affects your air flow. It’s your duct work too. In most cases, a system designed years ago to go along with your old HVAC equipment will rarely match up with today’s more efficient models. It may have leaks and cracks. It may be too small for the job at hand. And if it isn’t taken into consideration at the time of installation, it won’t be as effective as it could be.

Ignoring Home Performance

No matter how old your home is, there is room for improvement. Attics rarely are properly insulated. Basements often add to the discomfort level of a home. While some contractors talk mechanically only, a good HVAC contractor will make comfort top priority. They can show you weak points, make suggestions for correcting what’s truly wrong. The are there to help you become as energy efficient as possible.

Forgetting The V In HVAC

Many HVAC contractors focus in on heating and air conditioning only, forgetting that a big part of HVAC is ventilation. New homes are tighter than ever because building codes demand it. But tight homes can have weaknesses in ventilation. Is pressure properly balanced in every room? Is air flow restricted? The answer can impact your air quality and your comfort level.

Ignoring Whole House Thinking

A problem rarely occurs without impacting your entire house. Small details often add up to one problem. Yet it takes a trained and experienced technician to put the pieces together. Only experience allows them to ask the right questions before work begins. A persistent cough could indicate mildew in the ductwork. A technician who heads right to the equipment without a few questions might not be giving you full service.

Bidding Low

Many HVAC contractors use low bids as a way to get the job. And unfortunately, a lot of homeowners fall into their tactics. Low bids – especially very low bids – rarely provide full service. They have to work at keeping costs low. That means low-quality parts or poorly trained techs that don’t have proper experience. You are the one that ultimately pays the price.

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