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6 Warning Signs The Sewer Line Needs Repair


Your sewer line isn’t something you’ve probably thought much about. Yet it’s one of the most essential systems within your home.

Your sewer system impacts just about everything in your daily life. If it’s working correctly, life is good. But even a small leak can cause raw sewage to bubble onto your property. In your landscaping, it can create quite a mess. In your home, it can create a disaster.

Fortunately, sewer problems aren’t commonplace. There are many warning signs that signal a potential problem early on. They include:

Multiple fixtures clogging at once. When you begin having problems with more than one fixture at a time, it signals a bigger problem. Have you noticed sinks draining slow, standing water in your morning shower, and a toilet that doesn’t flush properly? Or maybe you’ve had trouble with several toilets in your home? All can be early warning signs of a sewer problem.

Inconsistent toilet water levels. Does the water level in your toilet bowl fluctuate even when they haven’t been in use?

Wet spots in your landscape. Have you noticed a section of your garden suddenly dying from too much water? Or an odor that’s never been there before? Or standing water when there is nothing wrong with your sprinkler system? All could be signs of a crack or a leak in the sewer line as it moves across your property.

Increasing water costs. Maybe it’s been a while since your water utility announced a rate hike, yet your water usage fees keep climbing all the time. Your family hasn’t changed the way they operate, yet the water continues to rise. This is the perfect example of a water leak somewhere in your system.

Bugs and rodents. When a sewer line begins to crack, it leaves room for bugs and rodents to nest near your home. If you’ve noticed a few more bugs or rodents than usual, it could be a sign.

An old system. If your sewer system is more than forty years old, it’s time for an inspection to determine how well it’s working. Technology has changed. With simple scoping systems, we can give you accurate feedback on the condition of your sewer line. And help you make the right decision before bigger problems arise.

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