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A Business Owner’s Guide to Backflow

When it comes to serious plumbing issues, backflow is at the top. This can have a major impact on your building. The safety of your water should be a priority, and when you have backflow, the safety of your water is compromised. Here is what you need to know about backflow and your business.

Backflow Defined

Plumbing backflow is when there is a loss of pressure and the wastewater flows back into the pipes. This wastewater enters the fresh water of your building. There are several reasons why you might experience pressure loss. Sometimes it’s due to your water supply or sewer system and other times, it might have to do with your plumbing. Keep in mind that this leads to serious problems and you need to take care of it as soon as possible.

Backflow Impact

If wastewater contaminates potable water, then you could have serious consequences. Wastewater can end up in the water that people drink or use for cleaning. Toxins from the chemicals in the wastewater can trigger allergic reactions. Then, the growth of microorganisms is an open door for illness among customers, staff, or tenants. When this happens, you need a professional cleaning to remove any contaminants from the pipes, surfaces, and any indoor areas.

Backflow Prevention

Special devices prevent water from backing up into the pipes. For commercial businesses, specialized backflow preventer valves can provide protection. Some of the most common backflow prevention devices are reduced pressure zones, hydrostatic loops, and atmospheric vacuum breaker devices.

Whether you have an industrial building, a multi-family, or a residential building, backflow is a serious issue that you have to address as soon as possible. It is always best to identify any problems right away and hire a plumbing company to fix it as soon as possible. Contact R.S. Andrews for service you can count on. Call 770-766-7354 or send us an email today!

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