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Careful With That Mower!


Every year when spring and summer roll around, R.S. Andrews receives calls to fix a damaged line going into someone’s air conditioning unit. The cause? A homeowner trying to see how close they can get to their unit with their lawnmower!

The best advice for avoiding damaging your AC system is to simply use a weed-whacker or similar garden tool, instead of a lawnmower, when trimming your grass in the immediate vicinity of your AC unit. Smaller tools like weed-whackers are easier to control and therefore safer for your AC equipment.

Another thing to remember when trimming your yard is the importance of keeping all grass clippings, leaves, and other debris away from your AC unit. When R.S. Andrews is called for a broken or poorly functioning air conditioner, one of the most common causes is the presence of dirt, debris, leaves and grass clogging the AC’s coil. This can lead to AC overheating and even burn out the compressor, so always be sure to keep your AC in mind when beautifying your yard this summer!

If you’re concerned about your air conditioning’s operation, the best thing to do is to have your AC checked out by R.S. Andrews’ expert technicians. Give us a call and our AC experts will make sure your AC is free of any problems caused by debris or other issues and ensure that your system is running at an optimal level to keep you and your family comfortable all summer long.

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