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Create An Efficient Home By Sealing Your Home Envelope

Create An Efficient Home By Sealing Your Home Envelope

There’s no better place to be then in your home when it’s the perfect temperature. The warmth helps you snuggle in the winter, the coolness relaxes you in the summer.

Yet the stress may return quickly when the utility bill arrives.

There are a number of ways to have it all; to have a comfortable home and the energy efficiency that makes it affordable. By increasing your overall home performance, you can add to your resale value too.

At the most basic level, it starts by making sure your home envelope is properly sealed.

A home envelope is what separates the conditioned spaces within your home from the unconditioned areas that surround it. That can include your home’s foundation, the roof, exterior walls, attached porches or garages, and exterior doors and windows, among other things.

What creates an efficient home is having a home envelope that is properly sealed so that issues such as fluctuating temperatures, drafts, and even poor indoor air quality never impact your home’s performance.

While leakage can occur just about anywhere, it is a fairly predictable occurence. You’ll find leaks around windows and doors, in the attic and basement, around the ceiling and exterior walls, around switches, outlets, and recessed lighting, in the ductwork and by the foundation. And even the smallest of leaks can have a big impact over time.

The first step in sealing your home’s envelope is by finding where the problem areas occur. Before any valuable home upgrades can be made, it’s important to understand where the largest problems lie. This is where a home energy audit can provide benefit. You’ll quickly learn how to best enhance home performance, and where the greatest benefits can be made.

The second step is in making the necessary changes. Think of your home energy audit as your blueprint. It’s a list of things you can change over time. Start with the changes that will give you the biggest bang for your buck. Then work from there. Home maintenance isn’t something you can accomplish all at once. It’s a constant work in process. But by taking the time to do the things that matter most in creating home efficiency, you’ll notice the biggest improvements immediately.

How efficient is your home envelope?

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