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Is Your Generator Ready For The Fall

Is Your Generator Ready For The Fall

When was the last time you used your generator?

Hopefully, it’s been a while. Generators are like insurance policies; we have them for the just-in-case and hope we never have to use them. However, when a generator sits for long periods of time, it accumulates dirt, dust, and small pieces of debris that can interfere with the operation should you need it to run.

Which is why it’s important to provide regular maintenance on a timely basis. Now is the perfect time to do it before the harsh winter weather sets in.

When a technician arrives to service your generator, they perform three steps.

Step 1: Inspection

A technician will start by looking over the entire unit from top to bottom. This gives the technician a chance to detect any issues that may be present with your generator, including repair issues. Because our technicians are trained and work on generators regularly, they know where to look, what to watch out for, and what the signs are of a more serious problem.

Step 2: Perform regular maintenance

Like your furnace and your air conditioner, a generator needs periodic fine-tuning to keep it operational for years. It needs an oil change, new spark plugs, a new air filter, and general clean-up to ensure the unit is in good working order. Routine maintenance isn’t optional; it’s a requirement. Without it, problems will arise faster, and the lifespan of your equipment will be greatly reduced.

Step 3: Test for performance

The last step is to make sure your generator is working at optimal performance. This means making sure the unit is connected to your home’s electrical box and is working well. This means ensuring your generator will work efficiently if the need arises. It also means ensuring your generator will work well for a long time.

When was the last time you performed general maintenance on your home generator?

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