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How To Guide For Caring For Your Atlanta Home’s Vents And Ducts

Your vents and ducts play a leading role in the heating and cooling system of your home. Without vents and ducts, temperature controlled air couldn’t be delivered to every room in your home. However, some homeowners aren’t aware that ducts and vents need regular care to function at their best.

If ducts and vents have dirt and debris built up inside, it can not only strain your HVAC system; it can lead to breakdowns and premature replacement of your system. It can also negatively impact your indoor air quality.

Poor air quality is of growing concern throughout the region; your Atlanta home may be at risk. Because we rely on our HVAC systems most days of the year, keeping our homes sealed from the outside air, a buildup of dirt, dust, pollen, animal dander, and other contaminants may settle in and take hold. This can bring on many health related concerns, including respiratory problems.

The best place to make a change is in knowing how to care for and clean your home’s vents and ducts.

First, make sure all the air ducts are covered with air registers and grilles and are open to allow air flow into a room. This helps with temperature regulation. It also helps direct air where you desire and can help with placement of furniture and drapes throughout the room.

Blocking vents could affect your HVAC system’s function. If you want to reduce heating or cooling in a room that isn’t used, closing the registers down in the room will only add to the problem. This can lead to a strain on your HVAC system, costing you more money through repairs and maintenance issues from an overworked system.

When you clean your rooms, take a moment to use your vacuum’s hose attachment to clean the grilles of your air registers. This will help to prevent dust buildup that can affect the looks and the functionality.

Although cleaning the surface area of your registers and grilles is something you can do on your own, duct cleaning throughout your home should be scheduled on a routine basis.

Professional duct cleaners use a high powered vacuum that is fed through the ductwork of your home. It can loosen caked-on dirt and debris, providing an efficient cleaning that will not only improve the quality of your ductwork, but will also improve your air quality at the same time.

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