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Guidelines For Parking Lot Lighting Requirements

A well designed parking lot can accomplish several things. It can help prevent accidents. It can deter crime. It can welcome guests into your location and encourage them to visit any time of the day.

Conversely, poor parking lot design is more likely to enable crime, increase risk, and be a detriment to the overall design of the community. And if left in poor condition for long enough, can lower property values over time.Guidelines For Parking Lot Lighting Requirements

As a facility manager, a property owner, or a potential developer, realizing your parking lot design and your overall community plans go hand in hand is the first step towards making a safe and secure investment. Where can you go for advice?

Local Resources

Every community has their own laws and policies about lighting requirements. Checking in with your city government offices will help bring you up to speed on local light ordinances. In some cases, you can find your information with a quick search on Google for your local government website. Or give them a call; it can help you cut through all of the red tape. Keep in mind that retrofitting existing lighting and new construction are two different things. Your local government official should be able to help you decide which is best for you.

Industry Standards

What if your local community doesn’t have guidelines? The good news is there are easy ways to find out industry standards through simple searches. The Illuminating Engineering Society has a lighting library filled with current IES Standards. They cover a wide variety of topics: recommended practices, design guides, guidelines, energy management, testing and calculation guides. You can learn what’s the best application for your circumstances.

Check With Insurance

Sometimes changing a few things can make a world of difference to your insurance company. Visit with your property insurance agent and see if there are any additional stipulations to meet in order to keep you and your business protected, while taking advantage of every cost-saving opportunity available.

Build In Efficiency

While the consumer side has EnergyStar ratings, the commercial side has DLC – the DesignLights Consortium. This is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping commercial businesses make wise choices with their commercial lighting solutions. Work with an electrician and lighting expert to ensure you are installing lights that work well today and take advantage of the latest technology for better use tomorrow.

Is your parking lot lighting as efficient as possible?

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