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How Common Is A Power Surge – and Why You Should Take Protection Steps Now

A lot of the appliances you plug in around your house are expensive household items. Your entertainment center may be worth thousands of dollars. Your computer equipment may store photographs and financial data – items that would be devastating to lose. 

A power surge may not seem like something that happens frequently, but you might be surprised at how many households experience one eventually. How Common Is A Power Surge

A power surge is an overloaded outlet or circuit. It can be caused by many things – a lightning strike, a faulty wire, or even a high-powered electronic item that causes an energy spike. These surges put everything at risk that runs through your system. 

A power surge can enter your home in several ways. Every time a large appliance turns on and off, like an air conditioner or a refrigerator, it can cause a surge. 

There are over 20 million lightning strikes detected in the US every year. While some areas are obviously more at risk than others, it still makes power surges a possibility. A lightning strike can enter via your cable television or satellite TV cable, through telephone lines, or through your electrical service line. 

Knowing it has many ways for entering your home should give you all the reason you need to lessen your risk. A good surge protection system should include:

  • Protection at the source – ensure incoming electrical service is in good working condition
  • Phone and cable line protection
  • Point of use surge protectors for sensitive and expensive appliances

A whole house surge protector may be the perfect way to protect your home from potential risk. Each appliance in your home should be assessed, and changes should be made before you face risk. An electrician can help you assess potential damage and choose the right surge protection systems for your home and your area. 

How protected is your home?

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