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How To Pick The Right Lighting For Your Bathroom

Lighting is something most of us take for granted. We accept what’s in place, and rarely think about ways to improve it.

Step into your bathroom for a moment. Have you upgraded the lighting since you moved in?

Yet lighting in the bathroom is more important than other rooms in your home. It’s where you apply makeup, shave, get ready for your day.

Too much lighting, and you might have glare issues.How To Pick The Right Lighting For Your Bathroom

Not enough lighting, and you might not be able to see what you’re doing.

Bathroom lighting isn’t just for ambiance, although that should be one of the factors. Your goal should be to have well-rounded light to handle every situation with ease.

What should be your biggest takeaways for considering how best to light your bathroom?

Maximize natural light

The reason lighting was invented in the first place was to bring natural light indoors, and allow us to see well in all situations, including the dead of night. Natural light is always the best light. It flatters our features. It’s the most comfortable on your eyes. Instead of covering up your windows, let the light flow in. Use bathroom lighting to accentuate the natural light. You can also mimic that better than ever with today’s LED bulbs. Soft, diffused light is always best.

Choose lighting fixtures for maximum effect

Too often, people shop for bathroom lighting based on space. They shop and fall in love with the decor, rather than considering how the light will fill the bathroom space. Recessed lighting is perfect for providing a clean look and giving you full functionality of your room. It’s equally important to have sconces alongside the mirror to provide directional lighting on your face. Just be careful you don’t wind up with shadows or harsh light.

Don’t forget to install the right bulbs

Picking out lightbulbs has changed in recent years. LED bulbs use different measures to produce different levels of light. While it’s important to have warm light, bright lights might be too much at different parts of the day. Putting bathroom lighting on a dimmer can give you functionality and control, allowing you to control the mood every hour of the day.

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