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How To Reduce Allergens In Your Commercial Building

This is the time of year where it can feel like winter one week and spring the next. As the air warms up, plant life springs into action. And that means allergens that cause coughing, sneezing, and other unpleasant side effects will also be popping up.

How To Reduce Allergens In Your Commercial BuildingNow that the flu bug is going away, employees and tenants will be facing new problems with allergies. It’s hard to get work done with an office of sneezing, coughing employees. How do you reduce allergens in your commercial building?

Start with the dust

Dust collects everywhere inside a building. And depending on what goes on inside each office, there can be a lot of places for dust to hide. Who cleans behind the stack of boxes in the corner? Or behind the wall of filing cabinets in the back room?

Dust also accumulates every time people come in, riding on their coats and their shoes. Then it settles on carpets, furniture, and desks. Your best defense is regular cleaning – ensure regular carpet cleaning treatments, microfiber dusting, and using a high efficiency particulate air cleaner known as a HEPA filter.

Reduce Pet Hair

We’ve turned into a nation that loves our pets. As a result, we have bring your pet to work days, as well as visitors bringing them in as support animals. No matter what type of animal it is, hair can stick to everything inside the building: floors, furniture, clothes, and bags. And once it’s brought into the building, it can separate and find its way into the building’s air supply. While you might not be able to keep pet hair away for good, you can reduce it by keeping a supply of lint rollers in the office place especially if you know anyone that is allergic.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

Proper ventilation goes a long way to creating an energy efficient environment and helping everyone feel better. Ensuring proper ventilation can reduce sick building syndrome and improve air circulation and employee productivity. Sick building syndrome is when multiple employees exhibit flu-like symptoms without medical problems being present. In many cases, it’s controlled by the internal atmosphere of the commercial building they reside in, whether through the heating, cooling, or ventilation system. Regular maintenance can ensure a healthier environment for everyone inside.

Pay Attention To Other Irritants

We’re only now starting to discover other chemical and biological impacts that affect our health. Bacteria can linger in water. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can be in everything from the paint on your walls to the fibers in your flooring. Chemicals can be in your cleaning supplies. The more you work at pulling these out of your environment, the healthier workspace you’ll create for everyone that enters your building.

Need more ideas for creating a healthier, more comfortable environment? We can help.

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