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How to Save on Your Energy Bill this Winter

Does it seem like your energy bills creep higher every year? You’re not alone. We all bump up the heat just a little bit when we’re cold, but is it worth the hefty price tag when the bill arrives?

And so the search begins. We look for ways to cut back on the energy we use every month in order to save a little money. What makes a difference?

Invest In Energy Efficiency

How To Save On Your Energy Bill This WinterOne of the easiest ways to save money is by investing in more energy efficient products throughout your home. You don’t have to do it all at once. Instead, start small and be conscious of what you purchase as you replace. For instance, did you know that electric lighting uses up to 10 to 15 percent of your average home energy budget? If you still have an endless supply of cheap light bulbs you’re using, you’re wasting a lot of money. Watch for sales at your favorite big box store and invest in LED lights and start replacing every bulb in your home. Since these bulbs will last you up to 80 percent longer than traditional bulbs, they will cost you far less in the long run.

As your appliances wear down, upgrade them to more energy efficient models. Up to 20 percent of your energy bills are from your appliances, so it’ll benefit you in the long run to select wisely. Look for the Energy Star label that will help you keep costs down and save over time.

Do A Few DIY Projects

Sometimes the first step in saving energy is becoming aware of how much energy flows through your home. Be conscious of where your family uses the most energy and work to change some of your habits. Do you have televisions, computers, and charging stations all over your home? Are you aware that they use energy whether you are using them or not? Sometimes unplugging something can be the easiest way to save money.

In winter, you may be losing heat straight out the doors and windows. Are there cold spots in your home? Have you noticed drafts? The good news is these are easily sealed. Invest in weatherstripping and caulking and seal up those drafts and leaks and make your home more airtight against the elements.

Call In The Pros

While there are some things you can do yourself, there are other energy saving items where only a professional can help you save. If you don’t already schedule an annual tune of for your HVAC system every year, you should start doing it now. Annual checkups are recommended to ensure your equipment is safe and operating efficiently every year. They are great for finding potential problems that can escalate quickly.

If your family spends a lot of time in the shower, consider upgrading your water heater to a more efficient model. Heating water can account for as much as 11 percent of your energy bill, so investing in new technology can really save. Upgrading to a tankless water heater may be a bit more expensive in the beginning, but they last longer and can pay for themselves quickly in a busy home.

Winter doesn’t have to mean steep increases in your energy bills. With just a few changes, you can begin saving big each winter, and still be warm and comfortable in the process.

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