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How To Select Lights You’ll Love For Decades

Ready to upgrade the lighting around your home or office? Look no further than LED. You’ll find the new technology everywhere you look. And because it can last as much as 25 percent longer than other lighting sources, it’s worth the investment. 

But as you’re hunting for new lighting fixtures, take a second look at the style and quality. Because they last up to 25 percent longer, you may be living with these fixtures for a long time. How To Select Lights You’ll Love For Decades

If you want to save even more, consider including occupancy sensors. These nifty little sensors will turn your lights off when no one is around. Unlike fluorescent lamps where the bulb life is shortened every time it turns on and off, the same doesn’t apply to LED. Turning it off simply saves on its useful life, so it’s worth installing to ensure even more energy savings overall. 

Don’t stop there. Consider adding motion and light sensors too. Because a lot of LED technology is also connected to remote controls or smart apps, you can easily adjust your lighting options from any room, anywhere. No more wondering if you forgot to turn out the lights; simply login and adjust. 

LED also gives you the capabilities to control the color and light distribution for the tasks you perform each day. Want a soft glow to relax at night? Or daylight simulation to provide ample light for detailed tasks? Virtually anything is possible at the touch of a button. 

Need wireless control to fit in with other systems? Today’s buildings can be retrofitted to include all kinds of technology. No matter how you want to control your lighting, you can connect all of it easily and start saving immediately. 

Want even more? Do a little research. There are many studies showing that lighting plays an important role in your health. By changing your light source, you can closely match a natural circadian rhythm and help control your moods. What if it really was as easy as changing your light source? While there are many more years of studying to be done before we have all the answers, selecting forward-thinking lighting today can be your first step along the way. 

What are you looking for as you change and upgrade your lights? Have any more questions about LED? We’re happy to help. 

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