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Humidifiers vs. Dehumidifiers: Which Do I Need?

Humidifiers and dehumidifiers have the same ultimate purpose – they condition the air in your home with regards to how humid or dry it feels. A dehumidifier removes moisture from the air if your air is too humid. Your humidifier adds moisture back in if it’s too dry.

The typical humidity level in most homes is between 30 to 50 percent. If your house consistently runs above 50 percent, then a dehumidifier is needed. However, if humidity levels in your home consistently run below 30 percent, a humidifier is needed. It is best to have a professional assessment before choosing between the two.Humidifiers vs Dehumidifiers: Which Do I Need?

While humidity levels can vary greatly depending on the season, controlling the inside humidity can not only help with your comfort levels, but can also work to improve your health. Both humidifiers and dehumidifiers help reduce ailments like chest congestion and asthma. If you suffer from a lot of cold or flu-like symptoms that cause nasal passage blockage or chest and sinus congestion, a humidifier can help break that up. If you increase the water content in your air, both your nasal passages and airways become moistened, which means less discomfort for you.

Controlling the humidity inside your home also impacts your home. If your air is consistently dry, you may feel dry, itchy skin. Your home works similarly. Dry air in a home can cause cracks on woodwork, some types of plasters, and on leather furniture over time. If you play a wooden instrument such as a guitar or piano, it too can crack and warp with continued exposure to dry air. In this case, a humidifier would help. If too much moisture is in your home on a consistent basis, biological growth can occur on walls and ceilings. This can exacerbate health problems. A dehumidifier can remedy this situation.

Here in Atlanta, the air is naturally more humid during the summer months, making the inside sticky and uncomfortable. Dehumidifiers should be used to control the moisture, especially on the warmest and muggiest of days. However, when the winter comes, the air is dryer and colder. Heaters compound the situation by removing the moisture and drying out the air. Especially through cold spells, that can lower humidity levels and make it uncomfortable to live in. Humidifiers are best used here.

A whole house humidifier is an excellent addition to any home, adding comfort and health benefits for both your home and your family. Can we add one to your home?

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