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How To Improve Your Atlanta Building’s Air Quality This Summer

Air pollution; it isn’t something that just affects the atmosphere outside. You can see it outside in the form of smog, dust, or haze, lingering in the air. But what hangs in the air outside makes its way inside and into your building through open windows and doors, and through your ventilation system.

Quite shockingly, you’re inside air can be as much as 10 times as polluted as the air found outside. The inside is contained by four sealed walls, holding in all of the pollutants you bring in. Not only does it seep in from outside, volatile chemicals, dust, lead, radon, formaldehyde, and more come in via your shoes, or exist on things you bring into the building such as carpets, furniture, paint on the walls, production items, etc.

Indoor air pollutants impact people for two main reasons:

1. Pollutants are more condensed and held in smaller spaces, meaning they have more opportunity to impact your health

2. We spend up to 90 percent of our time indoors

During the summer months, you can try to improve the quality of the air by doing a few simple things.

Clean – allergens and chemicals can linger in the air for years. If you’ve been performing the same maintenance and cleaning routines for years, change it up. Find a new cleaner who can provide a more thorough cleaning routine to your commercial space. Sign up for maintenance routines for the major systems in your building, including HVAC. Change out carpets, window coverings, and upholstered furniture where contaminants can easily accumulate.

Keep dust outside – shoes are often the leading culprit for bringing in pollutants from the outside. Place mats near the entrance so that some of the pollutants get trapped on the mat and not throughout the building.

Avoid chemicals and harsh cleaners – the world is going green, including many commercial cleaners. By using more natural products for daily cleaning, you won’t have as many harsh chemicals put into the air.

Install plants – plants are a natural way to filter toxins and purify the air. Depending on the type of commercial space you have, incorporate them into all levels of your building to help cleanse the air on every floor.

IAQ products– improving indoor air quality can be achieved by installing product specifically design to target indoor air pollutants. A good HVAC mechanical contractor can help you decide what products will would work best for your building.

By making a conscious effort to reduce the pollutants in your air supply, not only will your property become a cleaner space to work and breathe, but will also potentially reap the rewards of improving efficiencies in the process. Employees will have less sick days and will be more productive throughout the work day due to improved health.

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