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Is It Time To Replace Your Bathtub With A Shower?

For some of us, the idea of sitting down in a bathtub isn’t that exciting of an idea. And in the master suite, a bathtub can remain more of a decor item that an actual fixture you use.

Dreaming of replacing it with a high-tech shower may have topped your list of to-do’s this year. And with so many options for an upgraded shower, price may be your only determining factor.Is It Time To Replace Your Bathtub With A Shower?

Multiple showerheads?
How many would you like?
Rainshower? Yes, please.
A steam shower? Why not?
Why not replace that unused bathtub with something you’ll use every day?
Plan Ahead

Before you get too far in your walk-in shower planning, it’s a good idea to schedule an inspection and consultation with a licensed plumber. Even if you aren’t sure what your final plans will be, a plumber can help you define some basic parameter before you begin. Things like what the maximum shower stall size your bathroom can support.

You might also have a situation where the location for a walk-in shower isn’t where the bathtub currently resides. It would make more sense to restructure the entire room, even though that means converting the plumbing to a new configuration. The sooner you find these issues out, the more effective you can make your planning process.

Making Choices

While most people consider the selection process the most fun part of the project, it can be just as frustrating selecting something that isn’t ideal for your home. Avoiding buyer’s remorse is also at the top of most peoples lists. If you hate a new fixture almost from the moment of installation, it’s a serious problem you could live with for years.

As plumbers, we deal with many situations every day. We can make suggestions that can improve not only the looks of your new bathroom, but also make it more functional too. Adding a tankless water heater in the bathroom, for instance, can improve the hot water supply for your multihead shower install.

Proper Installation

While every homeowner looks for ways to save money while stretching their dollars as far as they’ll go, plumbing isn’t an area to skimp on. A slow leak can do a lot of damage over time. Hiring a licensed plumber will ensure that every fixture in your home is properly installed.

Thinking about making a big change to your bathroom design? One of our plumbers would be happy to schedule an inspection and discuss the next steps in your project. Give us a call today.

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