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Is Your Furnace Leaving You Cold? Here’s How to Troubleshoot!

homeowner-300x224Despite enjoying daytime temperatures in the 60’s this week, it’s still winter in Atlanta, and we still have some chilly nights ahead before springtime really sets in. The last thing you want to deal with on a cold night is an unexpectedly dead furnace, but it does happen. R.S. Andrews is available to help fix any heating problem, emergency or not, 24/7, but many times some informed troubleshooting of your own can save you the call.

If Your Furnace Suddenly Stops Working…

Check Your Thermostat

Many times it’s possible you can get the heat working again just by double-checking your thermostat settings. Make sure you didn’t accidentally change the setting or lower the temperature, and refer to your thermostat’s owner’s manual for specifics about your calibration and settings.

Check Your Switches and Breakers

Every furnace will have an on/off switch either on or near the unit. Check the status of this switch to make sure it’s on. Then, have a look at your breaker box to make sure the circuit that runs the furnace isn’t tripped and that power is running properly to the furnace.

Change Your Filters!

We know you’ve heard this one before – make sure you’ve been changing your furnace filters on a regular basis, as an overly clogged filter can cause the whole system to shut down.

Check Your Gas Line

If there’s no gas getting to the furnace, it won’t be able to run, so check the gas line from the furnace back to the gas meter and ensure that the on/off handle is perpendicular to the gas line. If your furnace has a pilot light, check to make sure it’s lit.

Check for Obstructions in the Exhaust Flue

Everything from dirt, debris and even the occasional bird can wind up caught in your exhaust flue. To clear the flue, you’ll need to turn off the power to the entire furnace system and take apart the duct. Be sure to carefully note how you dismantled the flue or you may have problems reassembling it!

Flush the Drain Lines

A furnace typically produces a few gallons of excess water per day, and this water needs to be drained for the furnace to continue functioning properly. Mold or other obstructions can prevent the furnace from draining correctly and cause it to back up and stop working altogether. To clean out the drain lines, try running a solution of 1 parts bleach to 3 parts water through the line a few times.

If after a careful check you can’t find the cause of your furnace’s malfunction, there’s no need for alarm – just call R.S. Andrews, day or night, and let our heating experts take care of the problem! We’ve been the Atlanta area’s most trusted heating installation and service company for over 40 years, so if your furnace is leaving you out in the cold, call now!

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