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Maintain Your Plumbing or Get Wet AND Broke

If you own a home, you made an investment that should come with certain guaranteed benefits. For instance, you should be able to expect to have clean water when you turn on a faucet, and be able to work your garbage disposal, dishwasher and laundry machine without having to anticipate any problems with your plumbing. Along with having home utilities and the appliances that rely on them work as intended, you take pride in your home and its fixtures, which is why it’s good to keep in mind that the benefits of updating parts of your plumbing will, in the long run, outweigh any costs incurred by upgrading.

There are a number of reasons for keeping your plumbing up to date and to consider updating your fixtures, pipes and appliances.

Think about this: is there always a line of people waiting for hot water in the morning? Don’t get discouraged by thinking that this is something that can never be solved! This situation is actually easily dealt with by consulting with the professionals at R.S. Andrews Plumbing, because whether it’s installing a new, different type of shower or better pipes for improved flow, this is a common issue that can be solved in a timely manner.

Even if you don’t have an identifiable problem like waiting for hot water, upgrading to newer equipment for your home could save you big money on water and heating bills. A tankless water heater, low-flush toilets and lower-flow faucets will be investments that will pay for themselves after you start to receive your decreased water and energy bills each month. Check out our current specials page to see how you can get great deals on upgrading parts of your system, like $100 off a 40 gallon water heater or free upgrade to 50 gallon!

Not only will your bills go down if you upgrade your equipment, but you may also get a break on your taxes! Many energy-saving devices that you install for home improvement can be written off on your next tax return. This includes plumbing fixtures like tankless water heaters, so be sure to ask R.S. Andrews about this possibility when you discuss work on your home. We want to help you save money!

And speaking of your home, keep in mind also that by upgrading the plumbing fixtures you are also improving the value of your home. Potential buyers will now have more reason to consider placing a bid because you’ve lessened the amount of home improvement that they will need to do if they are the next owners of your property.

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