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Why Monitoring Your Air Quality Is a Big Deal in Atlanta

Every year, approximately 15 million people have a stroke. Six million of these people die, while five million are left permanently disabled.

What’s the leading factor for stroke worldwide? If you guessed air pollution, you’re correct.

Why Monitoring Your Air Quality Is A Big DealWe’re only just starting to realize the impact of air quality on our bodies. And while we continue to look for ways to make our outdoor air cleaner with rules and regulations, what about the air you breathe up 90 percent of the time? What about your inside air?

Problems with indoor air quality come from a variety of daily activities. It starts with the building supplies we use to build our residential and commercial space. It’s linked to indoor cooking and heating fires with poor ventilation systems in place. Studies show that particulates at 2.5 micron size – the size used in cooking oil – have been linked to asthma, heart disease, stroke, and even autism and ADHD.

We’re only starting to understand how HVAC systems impact indoor air quality. Air quality reports can start demonstrating how HVAC equipment complies with current regulation and when it would benefit you most from upgrading and replacing.

For example, did you know that HVAC systems initially installed in a building will not function at design specifications at the time of startup? Adjusting it to meet design specifications requires testing, adjusting, and balancing of control devices.

It must also be adjusted based on other factors, including occupant comfort requirements, extended maintenance intervals, energy conservation, and efficiency operation techniques.

There are instruments out there to investigate, identify, and solve measurement problems, ones that will allow you to accurately measure your current HVAC air supply and determine what parameters exist within your building during system operation at peak efficiency.

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Many buildings have experienced significant changes over time, including renovation, new construction, or a change in function. In these cases, a complete analysis is critical in testing and balancing HVAC systems to ensure maximum operating efficiency and ensuring air quality safety for all occupants. If you need help from a professional in Atlanta, call R.S. Andrews!

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