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Outdoor Lighting Made Simple – For Every Section Of Your Yard

Once upon a time, outdoor lighting meant a simple light bulb by your front door. It was designed to make your entrance a little safer. It was installed to make it easier to get in and out of your front door in the dark of the night. 

Outdoor Lighting Made Simple - For Every Section Of Your YardFast forward to today, we use outdoor lighting for a lot more than to illuminate our front entrances. Outdoor lighting now adds ambiance. It creates curb appeal. It gives you the ability to use your entire property, day or night. 

Expand Your Space

How large is your property? How much of it do you use on a regular basis? Depending on where you live, you might have a lot of square footage that surrounds your home. 

How often do you use it?

When you drive up at night, why not create a welcome environment from the moment you enter? That means illuminating walkways, highlighting landscaping, and lighting dark corners. It’s about creating balance between the light coming from inside your home, and the outdoor lighting used in your landscape. 

Increase Your Safety

Of course, lighting isn’t just about ambiance, it’s designed for safety too. By lighting the dark corners of your property, you can keep would-be criminals away. Without dark corners to hide in, they are less likely to target your property. 

It’s also about keeping you safe as you walk. Curving pathways, uneven sidewalks, stones and pebbles can all provide unsafe walking environments, especially for those at higher risk. A well-lit path is a safer path, for you and everyone in your family. 

More Options Than Ever Before

Lighting options even just a few years ago paled in comparison to today’s technology. LED has made outdoor lighting less expensive, easier to install, and easy to maintain throughout the year. Because LED is the most energy efficient technology on the market, it means that once installed, it will last months – years – longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. 

LED also has more options. You can use LED technology that is connected to an app. Download the program, and you’ll have control over lots of different things: the color of light, the timing of when it turns on and off, dimming capabilities, and more. You’ll love what you can do with today’s lighting sources. 

Already have outdoor lighting in place? Don’t worry, we can use that as a guide for upgrading to LED technology. We can use that as our starting point for creating the ambiance you desire. 

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