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Ring In The New Year By Installing USB Outlets

Have you ever thought about how much your electricity needs have changed over the years? 

Remember when you needed a phone jack in every room? 

Or when one or two outlets per room were sufficient? 

Not any more. Everything you need in your daily life comes with a charger. Maybe it’s time to move beyond the three-pronged outlets and install USB outlets too. Ring In The New Year By Installing USB Outlets

USB outlets are the perfect solution for a family that has multiple phones, tablets, and other devices that need charging on a regular basis. What are the advantages?

They provide more flexibility

Have you ever hunted for more outlets in your home to have the space to charge everything? Or unplugged a light or other appliance simply to have a place to plug in your smart device? A USB outlet gives you the opportunity to leave your appliances plugged in, while having two USB ports at your disposal too. No more living in the dark while your tablet or phone charges for a few hours. 

They provide more convenience

How many times have you had to run to another part of your home when a device is registering a low battery?  Or stopped working while your device charges in another room? With outlets and USB ports all in one location, you have more convenience to get your work done. 

While adding USB outlets may seem like the perfect DIY job, ensure that your wiring is up to code and is operating correctly before you install new outlets. Safety is always a top concern when making changes to your home’s electrical system. 

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